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Check Your Exam Number and Timetable for Scholarship Aid Initiatives 2024

Welcome to the Scholarship Aid Initiatives 2024 exam information page! Here, you can find your exam number and download the exam timetable. The information is organized by state for your convenience.

Download and Read Examination Guide:

Please start by downloading and reading the exam guide to ensure you understand the procedures and requirements for the exam:

Exam Numbers:

Please select your state from the list below to download the PDF containing exam numbers for applicants from your state:

Download Exam Timetable:

You can download the exam timetable for the 2024 scholarship program by clicking the link below:


Find Your Exam Number:

  • Click on the link corresponding to your state to open the PDF document.
  • Locate your name in the list to find your exam number.

Download the Exam Timetable:

  • Click on the “Exam Timetable PDF” link to open the document.
  • Review the timetable to know the dates and times of your exam(s).

Spread the Word:

Share this information with other applicants who might need it. Together, we can ensure everyone is prepared for the exams.